Cars £180

Large SUV £200

  • Exterior Valet includes:

  • Pre-wash with snow foam

  • Wheels cleaned with non-acid wheel cleaner

  • Hand wash bodywork with a soft mitt

  • paint decontamination.

  • Rinse with purified water.

  • Dry exterior with large soft microfibre towels

  • Full IPA wipe down before applying protection/wax.

  • Paint sealant is added for a minimum of 6 months of protection

  • Finish all windows and mirrors with glass polish

  • Tyre Dress

  • Wipe down the door and the boot shuts

  • Interior Valet includes:

  • Remove Litter

  • Dash and console dusted deep cleaned

  • Shampoo carpet, seats, or leather feed including boot area cleaned.

  • Full interior steam clean

  • Roof lining steam cleaned.

  • Vacuumed throughout including the boot

  • Doors wiped and the pockets wiped down

  • Interior trim deep cleaned and dressed.

  • Air freshener to eliminate odors

  • Interior and Exterior glass cleaned

  • Fully deodorized

Note: Prices May Vary Depending on the condition and size of the car.