CARS £50   Large - 4x4S £60
  • Wheels Deep cleaned with non-acid wheel cleaner

  • Pre-wash and rinse off with Purified water

  • Hand wash bodywork with soft Gtechniq mitt and rinse 

  • Apply Autoglym COAT IT for 1 month of protection

  • Dry exterior with large soft microfibre towels

  • Polish all windows and mirrors with glass cleaner

  • Dress tires

  • Wipe down the door and the boot shuts

  • Remove all Litter

  • Fully Vacuum interior including the boot (if Empty)

  •  All interior plastics such as dash, center console, and door cards will be cleaned with all dust removed.

  • All foot mats shampoo and wet vacuumed 

  • Air vent dusted

  • Air freshener to eliminate odors.


FULL Valet 

CARS £120   Large - 4x4S £150

  • Maintenace wash

  • Fabric or leather seats deep cleaned.

  • All interior carpets/mats shampooed and extracted

  • Exterior coated with sealant.


  • Maintenace wash

  • Full bodywork decontaminated/Clay bar

  • Follow with a single-stage machine polish to remove 60% - 75% swirls. This job takes a whole day to complete.