• Clean wheels with non-acid wheel cleaner.
  • Clean door, boot shuts

  • Snow foam vehicle and pressure rinse.

  • Wash (with a grit guard in the bucket) using soft wash mitts

  • Remove tar from bodywork

  • Apply fall-out remover to remove contamination.

  • Full clay treatment

  • Snow foam wash

  • Dry with soft microfibre towels & Air Drier

  • Paint thickness readings are taken.

  • A one-stage machine polish using a combination of medium and ultra fine polishes.

  • Paintwork wiped down using Gtechniq Panel Wipe to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.

  • Apply Gtechniq EXO 18 month Paint protection.

  • Any unpainted plastics are dressed

  • Exhaust tips are polished with metal polish

  • Wheels Face dry and sealed.

  • Tire dressed.


lightly swirled paintwork mixed with one or two light scratches would need this treatment. Cars more than 1 year, but less than 5 years old, will require this treatment to bring about a perfect finish.



  • Leather is cleaned and conditioned

  • Interior surfaces wiped down and dressed with a non-silicon dresser. 

  • Seats, carpets and boot vacuumed

  • mats vacuumed

  • Dashboard, vents and vinyls cleaned

  • Windows cleaned and polished

  • Interior fresh spray




Note: Prices May Vary Depending on the condition, make, model and size of the car. some might require more time.